Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Looney Tunes"(DC) # 60, January 2000: "Tweety Temps"

I recently talked to David Alvarez on Facebook, and it was a pleasure to geek out with him over his work. I mentioned that the DC Looney Tunes comics have been very dull lately. Alvarez explained that a new editor was brought in three years ago, and the editor told him he "didn't know how to draw the Looney Tunes characters". This editor must not have known that he'd been doing it for over ten years. It's eerily similar to something clueless producer Edward Selzer was quoted as saying to his artists: "What the hell has all this laughter got to do with making animated cartoons?!" The DC editor may have been cut from the same cloth as Selzer, but Alvarez clearly has the same gift as the artists who created these characters in the first place. He continues to work with the Warner troupe as a storyboard artist for "The Looney Tunes Show". Here's Alvarez at work in 2000.

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  1. EGAD! Telling David Alvarez he doesn’t know how to draw the Looney Tunes characters, would be like telling Carl Barks he didn’t know how to draw the Disney Ducks!

    No wonder DC’s comics in general are in the mess they’re in!

    You couldn’t do better than Alvarez, unless you reanimated Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble – and sent ‘em back to the ‘50s!