Monday, July 9, 2012

"Looney Tunes" (DC) # 113, June 2004: "Snore Loser"

Chuck Jones' Claude Cat never appeared in the old-school Looney Tunes comics, to my knowledge. But he HAS appeared several times in the modern DC series, and true to the original cartoons, his character design varies. In this story from 2004, writer Bill Matheny and artists David Alvarez and Mike DeCarlo adapted Claude's encounters with the yappy little dog Frisky Puppy to comic form, with hilarious results and a great character design that blends elements of Claude's various appearances. Pay attention to how Alvarez stages this story and the timing of the gags. It really feels like a 6-minute cartoon, even if it's only a 6-page comic.


  1. Though I will always be partial to the Dell and Gold Key stories, one great thing about the DC material is that much of it is SO VISUAL in nature (especially when by David Alvarez) that you don’t even have to enlarge the pages to “get” the story! This one is a perfect example!

  2. Love that Dave - the ending here was a killah. And strangely reminiscent of "No Barking" (also by Chuck) =)