Friday, June 29, 2012

"Bugs Bunny Showtime" (Gold Key) March 1963: "The Frightful Appetite"

The Tasmanian Devil made only five appearances in the original Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons four alongside Bugs Bunny, one with Daffy Duck. All were directed by Robert McKimson. He also appeared in at least one episode of "The Bugs Bunny Show". A fan favorite rescued from obscurity by Jack Warner himself after a flood of mail from people wanting to see more of the character, Taz began appearing in the comics in the early 1960's. It was only logical that somehow, some way, Taz would have a run-in with McKimson's other big star, Foghorn Leghorn. It happened in this comic book story from a Bugs Bunny Show "Giant" Gold Key special in 1963.


  1. Pete Alvarado art... They were pumping out several Taz stories in this period, in wake of the highly successful TASMANIAN DEVIL AND HIS TASTY FRIENDS 1962 one-shot.

  2. I have that one, and will post a story from it in the future.

  3. Ya gotta wonder why this pairing never occurred in animation – it was a natural!

    “Taz” would go on to appear regularly in the DAFFY DUCK title, until it went all reprint in early 1965.

  4. I saw it on J.E. Daniels blogspot.

    Is there any Looney Tunes Gold Key comics Foghorn Leghorn appearances.

    Taz tries carry Foghorn Leghorn to cook a chicken same a weasel from Foghorn Leghorn cartoon is Plop goes to Weasel.

  5. Drawn by Phil DeLara, not Pete Alvarado.