Friday, June 22, 2012

"Looney Tunes" (DC) # 41, June 1998: "Sufferin' Satellites!"

This story deserves a look for its awesomeness alone, but the real standout about it is the work of inker Ruben Torreiro. Terry Collins wrote it, Oscar Saavedra penciled it...but Torreiro went a good way! "Suffferin' Satellites" features Porky Pig as a cable repairman, with Sylvester tagging along for a routine job. Porky makes a wrong turn and winds up at the wrong address, a spooky, unoccupied house. In an homage to the classic Porky/Sylvester "Scaredy Cat" series by Chuck Jones, Porky is oblivious to the hazards and near-death experiences that await him in the house, and it's up to Sylvester to protect his porcine pal. As in the Jones films, the threat is murderous mice...but not exactly the ones you might expect. I've included the cover for this issue as well...just fantastic art.

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